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Zeal Lactose Free Pet Milk For Cats 255ml

Zeal Lactose Free Pet Milk For Cats 255ml

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Product Description

Zeal Pet Milk is made from fresh free range grass fed New Zealand cow's milk. We remove the lactose to make it easy to digest while maintaining the natural goodness and taste of cow's milk that cats love. We added Taurine specially for cats as they cannot synthesise taurine naturally and Hoki oil is added to maintain a healthy immune system as well as skin & coat. Addition of GOS prebiotics can help regulate cat's gut health and have a naturally sweet flavor that may appeal to them.

Life Stage: All Stages
Made In: New Zealand

Product Analysis
Protein(min) 3.3g / 100ml
Fat, total(min) 4.0g / 100ml
-saturated 2.5g / 100ml
-omega 3 35mg / 100ml
Carbonhydrate(min) 4.0g / 100ml
-sugars 4.0g / 100ml
Sodium(max) 50mg/100ml
Calcium(min) 116mg/100ml


Whole Milk (Fresh), Galacto-oligosaccharides, NZ Hoki Oil, Vitamins & Minerals (Taurine, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2), Food Enzyme (Lactose)
(Contains Milk and Fish)

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