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Vetoquinol Ipakitine Powder 180g Supplement for Cats & Dogs

Vetoquinol Ipakitine Powder 180g Supplement for Cats & Dogs

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Ipakitine is a feed supplement for dogs and cats. It has been developed for the support of kidney disease treatment. It contains chitosan (molluscs and crustaceans) and calcium carbonate. Ipakitine may be used during all stages of renal failure. As a preventative or as an accompanying measure Ipakitine may be fed alone. Ipakitine can also be administered in conjunction with diets. The contained chitosan can bind and dissipate uremic toxins (effective in the kidney). Uremic toxins may be responsible for the increasing loss of function of the kidney (Neuronal death, glomerulosclerosis).

Ipakitine contains calcium carbonate, it binds phosphate before being absorbed by the body in the gastrointestinal tract and causes the disposal. These phosphates were composed of food phosphates (meat) and secreted (in the intestine votes) blood phosphates. The better phosphate balance has a positive effect on renal function, thus prolonging the survival time.

Ipakitine is available in powder form. It can can be optimally mixed with the wet food and can begin its immediate effect (phosphate bond).


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