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Revolution For Dogs 10.1-20lb 3 Doses

Revolution For Dogs 10.1-20lb 3 Doses

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Product Description

Revolution is the safe, simple way to protect your dog or cat from heartworms, fleas and other harmful parasites. - It simply works inside and out.

Revolution protects your dog against both internal and external parasites such as fleas, their eggs and larvae, heartworm, ear mites and scabies.

Whilst in cats it protects against adult fleas, flea eggs, heartworm, ear mites, sarcoptic mites, hookworm and roundworm.

This once a month treatment is easy to use. Simply apply to the skin on the back of your pet's neck or between the shoulder blades. Revolution is water-fast after 2 hours from application and quickly starts working from the moment it's applied.

Approved for use on puppies and kittens from 6 weeks old as well as pregnant and lactating females.


Dosage and Administration
• Hold tube upright.
• Press cap down until a click is heard (cap punctures applicator seal).
• Remove cap and check to be sure tip of tube is open.
• Part hair at base of neck and place tip of tube on visible skin area.
• Squeeze tube 3 or 4 times in one spot until empty. Keep tube squeezed to avoid drawing liquid back into tube. While keeping tube squeezed, drag it away from liquid and lift up to remove.
• Ensure tube is empty.

Instructions / Feeding Guide

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