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Monge Fresh Duck Pate with Chunkies Tray Dog Food 100g

Monge Fresh Duck Pate with Chunkies Tray Dog Food 100g

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Product Description

Monge Superpremium is the line amongst the top of Monge’s offer. Excellence is guaranteed by natural products, without colouring agents or artificial preservatives, by premium quality raw materials selected and studied specifically for each recipe.

Each food will be a true delight for dogs thanks to the use of top-quality fresh meats and to the presence of invaluable ingredients.

Delicious paté with a centre of delectable chunkies of fresh cod fish selected to give our four-legged friends the daily well-being they need to be on top form. Free of colourants, preservatives and low sugar recipe, it’s ideal for small dogs and as a treat for bigger dogs.


Fresh meat 50%, fresh fish 30% (of which salmon 10%), minerals, vitamins, densifiers, jellyfying agents, Vit. A 3000 U.I., Vit. D3 400 U.I., Vit. E 15mg/kg

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