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Altimate Pet Goat Milk Formula Powder For Cats & Dogs 200g

Altimate Pet Goat Milk Formula Powder For Cats & Dogs 200g

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Product Description

- Probiotics Added
- Hip & Joint Growth
- Digestive Support
- Suitable For Adult & Senior

With Probiotics:
Probiotics can enhance the immune system, helping pet build resilience against infections and illnesses.

Joint Health:
The calcium in goat milk supports adult and senior bone strength aiding in managing age-related joint conditions, such as arthritis.

Digestive Comfort:
Adult and senior pets may experience changes in their digestive systems. Goat milk provide a gentle option with more delicate stomachs.

Lactose Tolerance:
With lower lactose content than cow's milk, goat milk is often better tolerated by lactose-sensitive adult and senior pets.

Nutrient-Rich Support:
Goat milk nutrients contribute to the overall, support of muscle maintenance, organ function and overall vitality.

Immune System Boost:
Goat milk contains immune-boosting nutrients like selenium and zinc, which can contribute to a stronger immune system.

Cognitive Function:
Essential fatty acids, including DHA, found in goat milk can positively impact cognitive function in adult and senior pets.


Goat Milk Powder, Whey Protein Powder, Fruit Oligosaccharides, Taurine, Galactooligosaccharide.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein: ≥16%
Crude Fat: ≥16%
Crude Fiber: ≤5%
Crude Ash: ≤8%
Moisture: ≤10%
Fruit Oligosaccharides: ≥30g/kg
Total Phosphorus: ≥0.1%
Galactooligosaccharide: ≥20g/kg
Taurine: ≥0.2%
Calcium: ≥0.1%

Instructions / Feeding Guide

1g - 2g /kg | As per required

Generally, 5g of milk powder should be mixed with 30-40ml of warm water.
*Calculation based on 4g per serving.

Avoid direct sunlight, please store at room temperature under 35°C.

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